Cinema Is Education

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What I am going to share with you all today is a story of a person who learned everything in his life without reading a book or holding a pen in his hands. It might not still be a fascinating revelation for many of us, that we humans, as a species, interact and communicate with each other, just by sharing stories. Tales of social morals, stories of complicated characters, lessons of life, truth in deaths, whispers of angels, and the wrath of demons. Right from the beginning, when a child is born

If we dig deep enough into any form of learning, or information consumed by an individual in their education, we ultimately end up landing upon some sort of historical incident wrapped in factual revelations, honorary decorations, life lessons, and repercussions that we eventually use in our lives to make informed decisions and fulfill the needs.

So, If education is all about learning that has already happened and all that can happen, then I seriously doubt the vitality in having to read school books all our lives or in competing with other learners to prove ourselves at every stage of our lives.

I can choose my source of listening to the same stories, and I choose Movies.

First of all, the language of cinema is Universal. It breaks all the barriers that one can face due to varied languages and dialects that changes with every second turn, culture, and lifestyle that varies with demography, literacy, conflicts, and wars that restrict the reach and ultimately confine the comprehension.

Cinematic language is all-embracing. It is easy to understand and flows parallel to all our primary senses, as it does not demand any pre-requisite. The way we see, hear, and perceive everything around us is exactly what film emphasizes in delivering any message or fact. Gone are the times when using technology for imparting knowledge seemed like a distant dream.

Allow me to elaborate this more clearly to you by giving some real-life examples and explain, how I learned about history, geography, constitution, business skills, photography, and many more lessons of life that we may not get to learn in school or academic curriculums. It has been more than a hundred years since when we humans have started making cinema, initially as a medium of entertainment, then stories, and now as a medium of communication and revelations. There are more than a million films made on various topics, issues, and agendas.

Cinema Is Education

The movie Gandhi, for example, recreates the entire socio-political milieu of India and presents the life and struggles of paramount figures like Mahatama Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, and others in a more humane and realistic convention, than we find in school curriculums. Unlike texts, cinema equips students to learn visually. Additionally, movies occasionally cross the barriers of the curriculum and touch upon issues that might not be part of the syllabus, but vital nevertheless, like the caste and gender conflicts forming an immanent part of Gandhi.

The movies and series on world wars: Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan, Behind enemy Lines, The Downfall, and many more, teaches me about the time, significant incidents, the life of the public, and personalities involved in both the world wars. Movies like The Pursuit of Happiness, Dead Poet Society, October Sky, The Shawshank Redemption, and Life is Beautiful teaches me about Hope, the subtle art of not giving up, and to stay pristinely committed to the beauty of life and all the struggles involved in it.

Cinema is a grand ocean of knowledge, in the most comprehensive and lucid language. If we talk about all the important events that have happened in the history of humankind, then without giving it a double thought, I can say that there are movies for each one of them. Let me mention some of them, that I have learned solely from the cinema.

Movies about History and Wars

The Arc of Noah, The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the kingdom of Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the Islamic wars, the French wars, Colonisations across the world, the wreck of the Titanic, fights for freedom, women empowerment, the fights against Racism, the fights against HIV stigmatization, 9/11, the Civil war, the Vietnam war, the World wars, invention of computers, development, technology, industrialization, terrorist infiltration and all about the life and ideas of important personalities who helped in shaping this world, like Julius Ceasar, Napolean Bonaparte, Muhammad, William Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln, Karl Marx, Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Issac Newton, Christopher Columbus, Aristotle, Plato, Vincent Van Gogh, Mahatma Gandhi, and Barack Obama.

Movies about Personalities

I learned how people in history overcame every challenge and learned to evolve as society expected them to. I learned how scientists and mathematicians turned the wheel drastically. I learned how great leaders were involved in bigotry and ill-willed conspiracies wearing a communal cloak and the masks of social wellness.

I learned to accept and face the darkness that prevails in this world and convinced myself to keep moving ahead in life, seeking the light and enlightening everyone around me with it.

I choose Cinema.



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